Awards Program

These awards recognize Maryland family physicians who are deemed to have made exceptional advances in furthering the strategic objectives of the Academy.

Family Physician of the Year Award

The Maryland Family Physician of the Year Award recognizes a physician who exemplifies the tradition and contributions of the Family Physician to the continuing health of Maryland’s patients, families, and communities.

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Congratulations to 2022 Family Physician of the Year recipient, Joseph Weidner, MD!

Dr. Weidner through his numerous community activities and interaction with patients in the community over thirty years has naturally become a leader and role model. He has shown over the years his ability to maintain focus on the patient through thirty years of dramatic changes in delivery of medical care. This was never more evident during our recent pandemic which tested the foundation of his practice and the resiliency in which it responded to the needs of his community and patients. His recent recognition by the state highlighted his efforts.



Family Medicine Educator of the Year

The Maryland Family Medicine Educator of the Year Award recognizes an educator who has made outstanding contributions to Family Medicine undergraduate, graduate and/or continuing education.

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Congratulations to 2022 FM Educator of the Year recipient, Katherine Jacobson, MD, FAAFP!

Dr. Jacobson is the go to person for all medical students interested in family medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She is a former UMSOM graduate herself and runs our departments obligatory four week, third year clerkship in family medicine. Dr Jacobson has been involved in community affairs and activities since she was a medical student at Maryland. Her mother, a now retired family physician in Maryland, regularly led medical missions to South America – with Kate helping out even prior to medical school. Kate has continued this community outreach to those suffering from health care disparities from not only the greater Baltimore regions, but beyond to South America ever since.



Lifetime Achievement Award

The Maryland Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a physician who exemplifies a long-standing dedication to furthering the specialty of Family Medicine through excellence in care, community engagement and support of new physicians in the specialty.

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Congratulations to 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Niharika Khanna, MD, MBBS, DGO!

Dr Khanna holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from India and an ECFMG/US Medical Licensing Exam completion certification. In addition, she has trained in a three year Family Medicine residency, is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, and has a current Maryland license to practice. Dr Khanna is a resident of Howard County, an avid swimmer, and mother to a daughter who practices health care law.



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