Building Bridges

The Vision

Transforming health care for everyone inspired, Building Bridges by MDAFP. This initiative helps you confront health disparities to improve the health of all people. You’ll find education and resources to advocate for health equity, promote workforce diversity, and collaborate with other disciplines and organizations to advance health equity.

Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Anti-Racism Statement

Nationwide, across nearly all media channels, we see demonstrations led by communities of color who, daily, bear the tiresome weight of discrimination, marginalization and fear. They are joined by those from all demographics, who cannot abide the perpetuation of inhumane racial profiling and violence. In these heavy days, it seems the historic and heroic sacrifices to create an equitable society with room for the dignity and care of all human life, have thus far been wholly insufficient.  
Allow me to express my ardent support for the words our AAFP President Gary L. LeRoy, MD announced last weekend, in part “...What is happening in our communities today, and what has been happening in our country for decades, is unacceptable. As a health care organization, the AAFP considers racism a public health crisis.
The MDAFP leadership shares this commitment to the elimination of institutional racism and the policies and practices that arise therefrom. We envision a future where our society’s thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs allow for the safety and dignity of all people. Additionally, we are blessed to have within our membership a beautiful diversity formed from our varied cultures and lived experiences. 
In closing, the MDAFP is honored to have the privilege not only to care for all segments in our communities, but have among them the talent and influence to help resolve the ugliness of health disparity and pave the way toward a better future.  

Establishing the Framework for Health Equity at CMS

CMS is the nation’s largest health insurer and has a critical role in driving improvements in health equity over the next decade. As CMS continues to lead the way to a more equitable health care system, we are taking another bold step in asserting our commitment to move our health care system from disparities to equity, through the release of the CMS Framework for Health Equity. 

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Tour for Diversity

Conceived by former medical student leaders, Tour for Diversity in Medicine is a grassroots effort to educate, inspire, and cultivate future minority physicians and dentists. Current trends in racial and ethnic health care disparities are widely documented and a major focus of many recent federal and state health policy changes. One frequently discussed solution is the need to increase the number of minority providers.

Health Disparities & Equity

Healthcare disparities are defined by the Institute of Medicine as “racial or ethnic differences in the quality of healthcare that are not due to access-related factors or clinical needs, preferences, and appropriateness of intervention.” Health care disparities have significant economic consequences for the health care system, and in turn, for the business of medicine.

Implicit Bias in Patient Care

Implicit bias is the unconscious collection of stereotypes and attitudes that we develop toward certain groups of people, which can affect our patient relationships and care decisions. You can overcome implicit bias by first discovering your blind spots and then actively working to dismiss stereotypes and attitudes that affect your interactions. While individual action is helpful, organizations and institutions must also work to eliminate systemic problems.

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