Vision & Strategic Plan


Able, Responsive, Family Physicians Serving Their Communities


The mission of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians is to support and promote Maryland Family Physicians in order to improve the health of our State’s patients, families and communities.


Areas of Focus

Create opportunities for Member Involvement and Member Engagement

Goal 1: Increase member engagement by creating more opportunities for member participation and involvement

  1. Identify and utilize measurements to evaluate member engagement (i.e. community service, website traffic).
  2. Explore and promote opportunities to partner with other groups to provide professional resources that add to member value (i.e. education, advocacy and executive training).
  3. Offer tools for members to connect with one another outside of live activities (i.e. member-only section, group forums, community service opportunities, etc.).
  4. Promote engagement in Public Health issues.
  5. Promote engagement in Implicit Bias Training. 


Support and Promote Physician Wellbeing

Goal 1: Improve Family Physician career satisfaction by supporting and promoting physician wellbeing.

  1. Explore and implement activities and programs to encourage peer support and mentoring (i.e. regional meet-ups).
  2. Encourage member participation in wellbeing programs.
  3. Create and implement strategies to engage employers in addressing wellbeing.
  4. Identify and pursue opportunities to partner with other healthcare groups to address wellbing (ie. MedChi).
  5. Create wellbeing mentor programs for residents.
  6. Offer support to help members with contracts (negotiation, non-complete clauses, etc).


Grow and Maintain a Family Medicine Workforce

Goal 1: Identify and promote strategies and opportunities to engage early interest in FM

  1. Develop Maryland specific strategies for 25 by 30. (Promote strategies that already work).
  2. Connect with undergraduate facilities.
  3. Create and implement strategies to engage high school students.
  4. Educate FM residents on how to interact with medical students.
  5. Reenergize the Foundation to support pathways to FM programs.
  6. Promote and support family medicine interest groups.

Goal 2: Create opportunities to engage pre-med students

  1. Create and maintain a mentorship program.
  2. Develop a recruitment strategy for mentors.

Goal 3: Promote Maryland as an attractive place to practice

  1. Promote and explore enhancement of Preceptor Tax Credit Program.
  2. Promote and explore expanding MD State Loan Repayment Program to part-time physicians.
  3. Investigate and promote a new physician tax credit for relocating to MD.


Promote and Advocate for Family Medicine Payment Reform

Goal 1: Continue to promote and advocate for payment reform in an effort to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care in Maryland.

  1. Develop resources and tools on how to successfully navigate the MD All-Payer Model.
  2. Explore involvement in the promotion of “Primary Care Investment”.
  3. Build coalitions and leverage outside groups (i.e. ACLU and EEOC) to assist members in achieving and promoting pay equity.
  4. Collaborate with insurance companies regarding quality payment metrics’.
  5. Identify and engage in strategies to improve health care cost and increase payment.  


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