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Three Civilian Family Medicine Departments in Maryland

Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center Department of Family Medicine

Chairman: Maryellen R. Goodell, M.D.

Prince George’s Hospital Center Department of Family Medicine

Chairman: Nader Tavakoli, M.D.

University of Maryland Department of Family and Community Medicine

Chairman: David L. Stewart, M.D., MPH



Three Civilian Family Medicine Residency Programs in Maryland

Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

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Director:  Michael Dwyer, M.D.
Residency Program Coordinator – Nora Kellner – 443-777-6545
Residency Administrative Coordinator: Mary Martin –  443-777-6544

Prince Georges Hospital Center Family Medicine Residency

Director: Stacy O. Ross, M.D.
Clinical Director: Nader Tavakoli, M.D. –
Residency Program Coordinator: June Taylor – 240-532-5139

University of Maryland Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

Director:  James Ramirez, M.D. – 667-214-1841
Residency Coordinator: Valerie Liner – 667-214-1876
Residency Administrative Assistant- Pam Hough – 667-214-1868


Medical Students

Two Medical School Family Medicine Interest Groups in Maryland

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) are student-run organizations that play important roles in introducing medical students to the specialty of Family Medicine. The Maryland Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP) and the  MAFP Foundation support our State’s two FMIGs with financial support, provision of speakers, guidance, preceptorships for clinical and research experience, and in the identification of student leaders.  FMIGs at both the Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland Schools of Medicine work to inform medical students of the many facets of Family Medicine as they work toward the determination of their medical specialty career paths.

For additional information, please contact

Johns Hopkins University FMIG:  Nancy Beth Barr, M.D., Medical Director, Family Health Center and Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, Franklin Square Medical Center Department of Family Medicine at or 410-777-2000

University of Maryland FMIG: Katherine Jacobson, M.D., Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine at or 410-215-5757

The University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is one of the most active student interest groups at the School of Medicine with at least 10 events per year. Through FMIG, students can participate in homework help online: do your homework easily with our experts procedure nights where students learn casting, splinting or suturing and attend informative lectures on topics like Sports Medicine and the difference between OB/GYNs and family physicians who practice obstetrics. FMIG allows students to get a realistic glimpse into the life of a family physician and to take active leadership roles in exploring Family Medicine with their fellow classmates.

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