In late July and early August 2020, your MDAFP Board of Directors spent a substantial amount of time discussing the importance of racism and the relation to health equity that exists. As a result, they decided to form a task force to work on how MDAFP will respond to this critical issue, address it and ensure this is at the forefront of what we as an organization and as individuals react to and contribute to positive and productive solutions around health equity. The MDAFP executive committee followed up and developed a charge for the newly formed task force, Task Force on Racism and Health Equities Task Force:

Identify areas in the public health arena to recommend the MDAFP focus on with this issue (i.e. health disparities/inequities, education, member resources). Identify how and where to address racism in existing MDAFP strategic plan (what areas of focus and/or goals) and determine what are the measurable, desired outcomes and who’s accountable. Define the breadth of pipeline issues and identify 1-3 specific ideas for MDAFP to focus on as priorities. Develop a statement and MDAFP position for internal and external use. 

Provide members with the resources to address health disparities/inequities for their patients. Provide education to members on topics such as implicit bias training. Identify an area of advocacy at the state level to address social disparities. We realize this is a big charge and there’s lots of conversation that needs to occur. To create an opportunity for engagement that is reasonable in time and level of commitment required, we’re going to divide this charge up into subgroups: The public health arena described in #1 of the above charge. Pipeline as described in #3. and MDAFP’s statement and position as described in #4. The strategic plan piece as described in #2 will be the role of the board of directors. Interested members are invited to join us and serve on a subgroup. Meetings will be scheduled via phone or Zoom calls and each meeting will be no longer than 1 hour. 

If interested, please complete the poll to tell us which subgroup you’d like to serve on. If you don’t have the time or interest in making a short term commitment to serve, you are welcome to give us input to help the task force and its subgroups get the conversation going. Where would you like your academy to take action, prioritize and/or focus its resources related to this issue? We welcome everyone’s insight and feedback.

Once members are identified, we’ll reach out to begin the process of scheduling a meeting(s). Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and participation. Questions can be directed to Becky Wimmer.

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