Resolutions for Consideration by MAFP Members

Resolutions for Consideration by MAFP Members, for Vote by Board of Directors on 8/23/15
(if approved, to AAFP 2015 Congress of Delegates)

Decreased Generic Medication Availability

WHEREAS chronic disease affects patients across all socioeconomic backgrounds and insurance coverage, and
WHEREAS medication adherence is associated with better outcomes and decreased morbidity and mortality, and
WHEREAS, medication adherence is also associated with decreased overall health costs, and
WHEREAS patient adherence with medication is associated with affordability of medications, and
WHEREAS slight changes in medication formulation have resulted in decreased access to generic and low cost options, therefore be it now

RESOLVED that the AAFP work with the federal government to investigate effect of increased cost of medications due to loss of generic medication availability, and be it further

RESOLVED that the AAFP advocate to appropriate federal agencies to require low cost/generic medication options for all chronic conditions.

Expand Online offerings of AFP Journal

WHEREAS the purpose of scientific journals, including the bi-monthly publication, American Family Physician, is to provide membership with up to date, timely, evidence-based diagnosis and treatment guidelines, AND

WHEREAS medicine is constantly changing and standards of care are evolving, AND

WHEREAS publication of printed material is limited by funds, AND

WHEREAS this limitation delays publication of scholarly, relevant works, AND

WHEREAS scholarly online publications maintain their relevance and readership at significantly reduced costs when compared to printed publications, AND

WHEREAS online publications are widely available and easily accessible, AND

WHEREAS successful and meaningful online dissemination to readership has been demonstrated by similar journals including Family Practice Management,

Be it resolved, that American Family Physician journal offer additional content online that may not be available in print, enhancing their ability to timely and cost-effectively disseminate relevant articles to readership.

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