AAFP/MDAFP CME Requirements for Active/Supporting Members

Active and Supporting Family Physician Members must accrue at least 150 hours of AAFP Prescribed and Elective credit within each 3-year reporting period, of which:

  • At least 75 must be AAFP Prescribed credit; of which at least 6 of those being obtained from MDAFP sponsored programs every 3 years (eg. CME conferences, journal CME, satellite CME, etc.).
  • At least 25 are from group learning activities
  • Not more than 25 are from enrichment activities
  • Not more than 30 are from presentation or publication of an original scientific or socioeconomic paper pertaining to medical care.
  • Not more than 45 are from publication in a state or national
  • “refereed” journal
  • Not more than 15 are from preparation and presentation

The AAFP will send Maryland Chapter members, at regular intervals, correspondence showing each member’s reported number of hours and reminding members of what is required. All details about the AAFP/MDAFP’s CME records, reporting and information can be obtained thru the AAFP web site at, toll free at 800-274-2237 (ask for the CME Records Department) or the MDAFP at 410-747-1980 or

Modifications to MDAFP CME Policy

The MDAFP Board of Directors has approved the following:

  1. MDAFP members who are faculty members at MDAFP conferences may claim the credits for those sessions (even if they are not registrants) for the MDAFP CME requirement.
  2. MDAFP members who are authors of CME articles published in The Maryland Family Doctor may claim those credits (according to AAFP policy; ) for the AAFP and  MDAFP CME requirements.
  3. MDAFP CME credits will be waived for those Active and Supporting members who relocate to the Maryland Chapter within 6-months of the end of their cycle of AAFP reelection.
  4. Active and Supporting members who have not met the chapter requirement to report at least 6 chapter credits within their AAFP reelection cycle may receive a waiver for that cycle, to be made up in the subsequent AAFP Reelection cycle,  by following the process noted below:

1)  Member must contact the MDAFP office submitting a request (written, email, phone call) for a one-time waiver for the chapter requirement indicating a desire to continue membership, pledging to acquire the credits during the next AAFP reelection cycle.  There is a waiver request administrative fee of $50.

2)  Member must make up waived credits in the subsequent AAFP reelection cycle (in addition to the required 6 credits).

4)  If failing to acquire the required chapter hours in the subsequent AAFP reelection cycle, MDAFP will not accept another waiver request from member.

5)  The MDAFP Board of Directors will consider, on individual bases, each member failing to meet the chapter CME requirement.   The Board will determine the course of action for each member in this category.

Questions? Contact the MDAFP office at 888-894-2606 or at

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