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When you become a MDAFP member, you will be a part of a network of over 1,300  Family Medicine physicians, residents, and students in Maryland. 


Your annual dues include membership to MDAFP as well as AAFP. Through national and state publications and online resources, our members are kept informed about new developments in medicine, patient care, and political issues relevant to Family Medicine.

Membership also entitles you to other member services and benefits such as:

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Recent statistics show that wide pay gaps exist between male and female physicians in Maryland, with female physicians earning approximately 50% less on average than males. Female physicians in Maryland earn less than male physicians in the same specialty. Average annual income for female family medicine physicians, for example, is $164,000 compared to $234,000 for males, a difference of 48%.
Ironically, Maryland has an Equal Pay for Equal Work labor law.  The law prohibits an employer from discriminating between employees by:

  • paying a wage to employees of one sex or gender identity at a rate less than the rate paid to other employees under certain circumstances; or
  • providing less favorable employment opportunities as defined by the law, based on sex and gender identity. 

MDAFP is very concerned with this problem, and is offering you the following resources to better help you identify and address this problem in your workplace, and within our State:

Maryland Equal Pay for Equal Work Labor and Employment Article Title 3, Subtitle 3

Maryland Equal Pay for Equal Work Complaint Form

Equal Pay for Equal Work Brochure


This Program authorizes a credit against the State income tax for individuals who have served as a preceptor in certain preceptorship programs and work in certain areas of the State with a health care workforce shortage. Preceptorship program means an organized system of clinical experience, that, for the purpose of attaining specified learning objectives, pairs either 1) a Medical student in a Maryland medical school with a licensed Physician who meets the qualifications as a preceptor, or 2) a Nurse Practitioner student enrolled in a nursing education program that is recognized by the State Board of Nursing with a Nurse Practitioner or licensed Physician who meets the qualifications as a preceptor.  The list of eligible Physician programs is generated from the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University while the list of eligible NP programs are generated by the Board of Nursing.


Atlantic Health Partners

For healthcare providers, managing the procurement of vaccines can be challenging. Atlantic Health Partners assists more than 20,000 clinicians by offering cost-efficient vaccine prices, purchasing support and program management assistance.


Working directly with leading vaccine manufacturers Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, Pfizer, Dynavax and Seqirus, Atlantic offers the most favorable pricing, payment, and purchasing terms for an array of pediatric, adolescent, adult, flu, and travel vaccines. Atlantic has helped many MDAFP members strengthen their immunization performance by taking an active role in providing reimbursement guidance, advocacy, and timely updates.

Learn more about how Atlantic can best support your immunization efforts.

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 FP Jobs Online

MDAFP’s premier resource for MD family physicians looking to secure practice opportunities in family medicine, and for employers looking to source the highest quality MD physicians. Get connected to physician employers and the best family medicine talent!

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