MAFP Resident and Student Leaders Bruno and Ho Elected to AAFP Board!

DR-BRUNO-MSHOTwo from among MAFP’s Resident and Student leadership were elected by their peers from across the country to serve as Resident Director and Student Director on the 2015-15 AAFP Board of Directors. The elections were held at the 2015 National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students held July 30-August 1 in Kansas City, MO. This collective accomplishment not only recognizes the accomplishments and leadership credentials of both Richard A. Bruno, M.D. (R-3, Franklin Square FM Residency) and Tiffany Ho (M-4, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), it brings important recognition to the Maryland Chapter. Congratulations from the Chapter to Richard and Tiffany!

Read about Richard and Tiffany in the text of MAFP’s Nomination letters below:

Richard A. Bruno, M.D. for AAFP Resident Director
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians (MD-AFP) we ask that you accept this letter wholeheartedly endorsing the candidacy of Richard A. Bruno, M.D. for AAFP Resident Director. Dr. Bruno has been active in MD-AFP for two years, attending our CME weekend conference and passing a resolution through our state chapter. He also served last year as Resident Director on our Chapter Board and Resident Trustee on the MAFP Foundation Board.

He has represented MD-AFP as a Delegate to the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents Congress, submitting dozens of resolutions through that body. Last year, with the help of the AAFP Foundation, the MD-AFP put on a Pre-National Conference Networking/Mentoring Dinner for students and residents during which Dr. Bruno shared his experiences in the leadership forum. He helped coordinate and will serve as convener for our 2015 Pre-NC event this month. Dr.

Bruno displays an inspired commitment to Family Medicine, and his leadership skills would be well suited for the AAFP. We have been thankful for his service here in Maryland, and we strongly support his nomination for the resident position on the AAFP Board of Directors.

Tiffany Ho. for AAFP Student Director

On behalf of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors, it is with tremendous enthusiasm that we write this letter in support of Tiffany Ho’s election for the Student Member of the American Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors.

Since starting medical school, Ms. Ho has energized the Johns Hopkins Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG); an AAFP Target School. Despite the absence of a Department of Family Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, Ms. Ho actively seeks to bring opportunities from Family Medicine Departments at other institutions back to her university. She has established partnerships with local family physicians who welcomed Hopkins students with great clinical experiences. Through these networks, she also helped the Hopkins FMIG organize exciting events that expose her classmates to the field of Family Medicine. Her contribution, along with students from all years, enabled the Hopkins FMIG to receive a 2015 Program of Excellence Award.

Ms. Ho’s has extensive leadership experiences throughout undergraduate and medical school. She was previously elected as the student member on the AAFP Commission of Quality and Practice. She also served on both the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Trustees. Furthermore, she was the Maryland Chapter’s official Student Delegate to the 2013 AAFP National Student Congress. These leadership roles all exemplify her passion for Family Medicine and ability to work effectively with others to achieve concrete goals. This strength will serve her well as a member of the AAFP Board of Directors.

Throughout her undergraduate, as well as medical school years, Tiffany has shown a remarkable dedication to the service of high-risk and underserved communities, as evidenced by her extensive involvement in community-based clinics, outreach programs and independent research. Through her partnerships with patients, Tiffany clearly understands that the most influential factors on health are not necessarily medicine-related, but rather, due to system and policy issues. This kind of insight into core systemic issues underlying our nation’s health crisis will serve Tiffany well in her ability to increase the presence of Family Medicine.

In summary, we strongly endorse the candidacy of Ms. Ho as student member for the AAFP Board of Directors. We believe that her enthusiasm and commitment to Family Medicine will certainly enhance the work of the AAFP to improve the health of patients, families, and communities.

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