Impact Students for the Future of Family Medicine

There are two opportunities for you to precept in Maryland! Impact a student for the future of Family Medicine! The COVID-19 pandemic is interrupting clerkship opportunities for medical students. There is less time for students to experience the joy of Family Medicine before they must make their career choice, so please consider participating in a rewarding experience as a preceptor. 

The University of Maryland Medical is currently seeking preceptors for their clerkship program. You can start with just a 4-week trial with U of Maryland. If you’re  interested in taking a student, contact Dr. Kate Jacobson for more information.

Georgetown University needs preceptors to fill 4-week clerkship opportunities. Currently GU is having students only do 4 half days of clinic (on any days but Fridays) as they have to double up students at many sites to accommodate all of them, so the 2 students can alternate clinic time without having 2 students present in the clinic at once. If you are in reasonable proximity to the DC area, contact Clerkship Director, Tobi-Lynn Smith for more information or to sign up. All preceptors will receive a Georgetown Faculty appointment.

Thank you!

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