The Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Foundation was established in 1988 with the purpose of fostering the specialty of Family Medicine among medical students in order to grow the specialty by insuring an adequate supply of future family physicians.  The MAFP Foundation is funded by tax-deductible individual and corporate contributions.   It is classified by the US Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit, tax-exempt philanthropic arm of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians. The MAFP Foundation is a network chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Family Medicine Education Consortium.

As efforts continue to reform our system of medical care, particularly on the state level, we continue to face a shortage of family physicians. In fact, less than 13% of American physicians are family physicians. Several areas of Maryland remain without adequate physician coverage. Thus, access to care and cost of care are of great concern for a large number of our citizens. As we see it, the solution is the increased training and equitable distribution of the family physicians in all areas of Maryland in order to provide for adequate medical care statewide.

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The mission of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is to Promote Optimal Health for the Citizens of Maryland Through Education and Research Initiatives in Family Medicine.

Send Students Campaign

Maryland medical students are learning about and solidifying their interest in family medicine by attending the AAFP National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students. This annual event provides them opportunities to attend workshops and procedure sessions, connect with hundreds of family medicine residencies and employers, and other organizations, learn leadership development skills and network with students, residents and physicians who have common interests. Through generous donors like you, we’ve sent students to Kansas City and are looking to do that again in 2018!

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Medical Students from the University of Maryland at the July, 2016
AAFP National Conference of Medical Students in Kansas City

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