White Coats Advocacy Training

Jun 1, 2018


Doctors for America will be hosting our 2018 National Leadership Conference (NLC) at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. Don’t forget to register and reserve your hotel room, book now! At this year’s NLC we will be launching our White Coats Educational/Advocacy Boot Camp.

1) DFA White Coats Educational/Advocacy Boot Camp

  • GAIN the tools of ABCs of advocacy (internally and externally)
  • Messaging, framing, consistency, and strategy tactics
  • Take these tools and implement that with the issue that you want to amplify your voice as a physician for your patients
  • Ways to get embedded with existing organizations at the state, local, and national levels working on issues that you care deeply about – building the collaboration and synergy together
  • Engaging the media, utilizing the tools of social media
  • Engaging and talking with other physicians to join with you
  • Much more!

2) 2018 Candidate Check-Up

  • Where are the candidates standing on the issues
  • Amplify our voices in the 2018 Elections
  • What can we do and not do as it pertains to the upcoming elections
  • Work with local and state organizations in building solidarity around the issues

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