President’s Message

April 2021

Spring is a time of year that can feel full of anticipation about the year to come and this year is no different. We find ourselves in a transitional position the feels cautiously hopeful. Thankfully, there is increasing access to COVID vaccines, but we are still struggling to have our trusted role as family physicians recognized as integral part of an equitable and robust vaccination role out. While there is light at the end of the tunnel and positive milestones have been reached, our keen eye can see that COVID is not over yet. We must remain vigilant over our patients and ourselves.

With the recent Match and Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program, we will welcome the latest slate of promising new Family Physicians later this year. Maryland has four Family Medicine programs throughout the state and 100% of the available positions were filled. The world has changed, and it is imperative that we nurture the fresh ideas and innovation that these budding family physicians will undoubtedly offer. 

Finally, as we begin to thoughtfully venture out, we must take the lessons learned from the extremely long winter with us.  In many ways, we will all experience a degree of rebirth in the months to come. Hopefully, you took some time to evaluate your goals for wellness, boundaries, balance and growth in the context of increasing opportunity, duty, and obligation. As you take advantage of the longer days, be intentional about your reemerge.



Jocelyn Hines, MD




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