President’s Message

March 2019

The Importance of Feedback

Dr. Ramona Seidel, MD, FAAFP

I ran into a patient at a local store.  She thanked me, “I feel so much better.”  Earlier that week she sought my opinion due to a fleeting negative thought which crossed her mind in relation to a family member.  Her biggest fear was not the thought itself, but rather how I might react to her frank disclosure of it.  I listened reassuringly and she seemed relieved of her burden.  Only later in that store did I realize the positive impact my willing ear had provided.  Her unexpected gratitude reaffirmed the value of the physician-patient relationship and her feedback lifted my spirits as well. 

Every day as a Maryland family physician you do good work like this with your patients.

I hope I have provided some inspiration to you through stories like this one from my practice in my monthly messages.  As I move into the last quarter of my tenure and reflect on these messages, I see another theme, one of engagement: Walk with one another, foster collegial relationships, become a key contact, be a preceptor, complete a survey, attend a meeting, consider involvement with the board. In this month’s bulletin you will see many ways you can do these things   Just like the patient who thanked me at that store, your feedback is key to moving MDAFP’s mission forward. 

And here is your board at our February meeting- willing, ready, and able to consider your input, participation, questions, and feedback. 


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