President’s Message

November 2020


Hello all,

I continue to hope all is well with you and your colleagues, staff, patients, and loved ones.

True to form 2020 continues along in dramatic fashion, our November bringing the long-awaited culmination of our national, state, and local elections, and… a third wave of COVID19.

While uncertainty continues to be our ever-constant companion, I hope you (like me) were fortunate to hear the encouraging speeches at the FMX last month, including those from our new Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Office, Mr. Shawn Martin; and our new President, Ada Stewart, MD FAAFP. Both shared a message of acknowledging our very difficult personal, professional, and societal struggles, but finding hope in our collective strength and reliance to help each other through this (seemingly, never-ending) crisis. I also have to great pleasure to update that our new AAFP President-Elect comes from our neighboring Virginia chapter, Sterling Ransone, Jr., MD FAAFP!

Also, true to form, the Congress of Delegates was full of lively, albeit Zoom-moderated, discussion. I always pause in admiration seeing so many Family Physicians taking time to come together and discuss so many crucial and important policy issues. A special thanks to our delegation, Drs. Kisha Davis, Gene Newmier, Yvette Oquendo-Burruz, and Marc Wilson, for representing our chapter so well and for logging some very long days during the Congress!

The MDAFP is committed to representing, listening to, and assisting you in the best way possible. Long before the legislative session has started, our Governmental Advocacy Committee has been at work looking to see what issues in the next General Assembly we need to be aware of. (Have you marked your calendar for our Advocacy Day on Feb 4th?)

Finally, I join the Education Committee and MDAFP leadership in joyful anticipation of our Annual Meeting and Winter Refresher, Feb 26-28! It will be wonderful to see you all. Yes, virtually. But I’ll take it!

Be safe and well,

Mozella Williams, MD MBA FAAFP


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