President’s Message

September, 2019

Help in the Balance of Urgent versus Important
Dr. Mozella Williams, MD MBA

“Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important.”
―Charles E. Hummel, Tyranny of the Urgent

 I imagine we all encounter the tyranny of the urgent in our lives, our attention repeatedly forced to contend with the crisis at hand, and so many nuanced moments passing by. No more is this profoundly and perpetually confronted than in the bustling family medicine office which hums along with ringing phones, clicking keyboards, whirling printers, the chatter of waiting patients or among staff. To this, let us now let us add the real work of careful listening, evaluating, assessing balancing, prioritizing, educating, and tending our own ebb and flow of administrivia.

We all need help in keeping an eye on the big picture, and I hope you know that is what the MDAFP is doing for you! As we all go about the good work in our day-to-day careers your MDAFP leadership has been keeping up with the urgent and important aspects of family medicine for you.

Your Governmental Advocacy Committee (GAC) has been busy strategizing the next legislative session. With a predicted shortfall in the Maryland budget, our messaging to elected officials and their staff will need to be particularly strategic. Coalition-building, too, must be an important objective.

I wonder, have you met with one or more of your elected legislators? Do they know about your concerns about primary care funding and the barrier of care your patients face? I strongly encourage you book an appointment for a quick visit with them! Need help? Our staff is ready to point you in the right direction, and of course, save-the-date for MDAFP Advocacy Day, March 5, 2020 (8am-1pm)!

Also, your MDAFP leadership sent a delegation to the annual South East Family Medicine Forum a few weeks ago in Asheville, NC.

(photo includes: Dr. Jocelyn Hines, Executive Director Becky Wimmer, Dr. Kisha Davis, Dr. Mozella Williams, Dr. Adebowale Prest)

The NCAFP created an outstanding program of policy updates, advocacy strategy, and opportunities to meet the candidates for AAFP President and AAFP Board of Directors.

Finally, our leadership seeks to continue our strategic vision of creating opportunity for member engagement, supporting physician well-being, growing the family medicine workforce, and continued advocacy for payment reform.

I greatly hope you have had some respite this summer, time for fun with family and loved ones. 

Also, I hope look forward to seeing all who can join us at FMX later this month!



Mozella Williams, MD MBA




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