President’s Message

November 2018

Health Has No Zip Code

Dr. Ramona Seidel, MD, FAAFP

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” – MLK 1966

Recently, I was honored to sit in the alternate delegate seat at the AAFP’s Congress of Delegates in New Orleans.  This year, the Congress approved a resolution calling on the AAFP to adopt a policy opposing segregation of patient care by race, insurance status or other demographics.

This resolution dovetailed with the 2018 theme of FMX: “Health has no zip code”. 

I applaud the AAFP for their resolution, for shining a light on the ongoing inequities of our health care system. 

But how can we promote health equity in our state?  It starts with acknowledging that we work in a segregated health care world.  Next perhaps we could ask why our practices fail to take care of patients with a variety of medical coverage, including medical assistance or cash paying.  Maybe we ask ourselves the following question, “If my office worked to advance health equity, would my waiting room better reflect the demographics of my community?” 

Can you wear a T-shirt to spark a conversation in this regard? 

The AAFP has toolkits to help practices identify their implicit biases and work towards health equity.  Learn more here.

Consider taking a leadership role in your practice to help move towards a more just health care environment.


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