Vision & Strategic Plan



Able, Responsive, Family Physicians Serving Their Communities


To support and promote Maryland Family Physicians in order to improve the health of our State’s patients, families and communities.



Advocate for Family Physicians and for the health of the patients they serve

  • Set legislative priorities to shape health policy
  • Collaborate with other health care thought leaders for Family Medicine
  • Increase and retain Family Physician workforce in Maryland
  • Demonstrate essential role of Family Medicine
  • Improve access to comprehensive health care for families of Maryland


Provide high quality, innovative education for members

  • Provide quality programming for family physicians, residents and students
  • Incorporate social determinants messaging into CME presentations
  • Explore use of additional delivery methods to ensure accessibility
  • Assist members in meeting MOC and MOL requirements

Academy Operations

Maintain efficient and effective operations for organization, staff and Board of Directors

  • Support and engage staff
  • Optimize work environment to assist leaders in their roles
  • Review governance structure
  • Develop plan to increase non-dues revenue
  • Maintain financial viability and transparency

Practice Support

Provide practical support to allow members to thrive and excel

  • Be a reliable source of useful practice management tools
  • Consider a live, online platform for members to network and share feedback on resources
  • Educate and update members on changes in health care environment

Member Resources

Enhance recruitment, satisfaction, and participation of members

  • Increase engagement of new physicians, residents, and students
  • Ensure membership is considered dynamic, adaptive and relevant
  • Develop plan to assess member satisfaction
  • Promote Family Medicine to medical students

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