MDAFP Past Presidents 1948-2021

2019-21 Mozella Williams, MD, MBA, FAAFP
2018-19 Ramona Seidel, MD, FAAFP
2016-18 Patricia Czapp, MD, FAAFP
2014-16 Kisha Davis, MD, MPH, FAAFP
2012-14 Yvette Oquendo-Berruz, MD, FAAFP
2010 -12 Eugene Newmier, DO, FAAFP
2008-10 Yvette L. Rooks, MD, FAAFP
2007-08 Joseph W. Zebley, III, MD, FAAFP****
2006-07 Andrea Allen, MD
2004-06 Howard Wilson, MD, FAAFP***
2003-04 Joyce Evans, MD, FAAFP
2002-03 Ben E. Oteyza, MD, FAAFP
2001-02 William P. Jones, MD
2000-01 William D. Hakkarinen, MD, FAAFP
99-2000 Leonard H. Raucher, MD
1998-99 Richard Colgan, MD
1997-98 Kevin S. Ferentz, MD
1996-97 Michael A. Moskewicz, MD, FAAFP
1995-96 John B. Littleton, MD*
1994-95 Christine A. Marino, MD, FAAFP
1993-94 Abdul Nayeem, MD*
1992-93 Joseph P. Connelly, Jr., MD, FAAFP
1991-92 Joshua R. Mitchell, III, MD, FAAFP*
1990-91 Lee E. Gresser, MD, FAAFP
1989-90 Joseph W. Zebley, III, MD, FAAFP
1988-89 Rose Mary Hatem Bonsack, MD, FAAFP
1987-88 A. Clark Holmes, MD*
1986-87 Louis O. Olsen, MD, FAAFP
1985-86 David P. Zajano, MD
1984-85 Dean H. Griffin, MD, FAAFP
1983-84 Marion Friedman, MD*
1982-83 George L. Morningstar, MD*
1981-82 M. Dudley Phillips, MD*
1980-81 Larry G. Tilley, MD
1979-80 John B. Umhau, Jr., MD*
1978-79 C. Earl Hill, MD, FAAFP
1977-78 Hans J. Koetter, MD*
1976-77 Harry Paul Ross, MD*
1975-76 J. Nelson McKay, MD*
1974-75 Howard N. Weeks, MD, FAAFP
1973-74 J. Richard Lilly, MD, FAAFP
1972-73 Daniel I. Welliver, MD*
1971-72 Harry L. Knipp, MD*
1970-71 John T. Chissell, MD*
1969-70 William Stewart, MD*
1968-69 Leon W. Berube, MD
1967-68 John G. Ball, MD*
1966-67 G. Overton Himmelwright, MD*
1965-66 G. Overton Himmelwright, MD ** Oct., 1965 – May, 1967
1964-65 Guy M. Reeser, MD*
1963-64 Charles P. Crimy, MD
1962-63 Wolcott L. Etienne, MD*
1961-62 William T. Layman, MD*
1960-61 Andrew C. Mitchell, MD
1959-60 Walter A. Anderson, MD*
1958-59 J. Roy Guyther, MD*
1957-58 Archie R. Cohen, MD*
1956-57 Robert W. Farr, MD*
1955-56 Nathan E. Needle, MD*
1954-55 Merrill M. Cross, MD*
1953-54 Lauriston Keown, MD*
1952-53 Harold B. Plummer, MD*
1951-52 E. I. Baumgartner, MD*
1950-51 Charles F. O’Donnell, MD*
1949-50 Hubert L. Porterfield, MD*
1948-49 S. Lloyd Johnson, MD*

* Deceased
** Extended officer terms from October, 1965 to May, 1967. Officers began terms at annual Spring Meeting to coincide with change of fiscal year of AAFP.
***2-year terms beginning 2004. ****Completing term
Note: Clarification S. Lloyd Johnson, M.D. of Catonsville was chairman of the organizing group when the Maryland Academy of General Practice was granted its charter by the American Academy in June, 1948. He served as chairman of the first organizational meeting of the Maryland Academy of General Practice held in Baltimore in February of 1949. Dr. Johnson actually declined the presidency, however, because of chronic illness. Hubert L. Porterfield, M.D. of Hagerstown was the MAGP’s first elected president in 1949.

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